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“Weeds for Sale – Pick Your Own”
“Gardens Are Not Made by Sitting in the Shade”

•    Think Spring !!!
•    Alternatives to Planting More Shrubs:
In order to increase your curb appeal this summer, without planting more plants in the ground, plant in containers.
Containers can be hand watered so that you can control the amount and frequency of water.
•    Take large empty water bottles and punch holes down the sides. Place them along the root balls in the containers and keep the caps on. When needed, fill the bottles and let the water drip out to the root balls below grade. Replace the cap to keep out debris.
•    Look for fun containers at garage sales or in your storage areas might lead to wonderful whimsy in the garden. Baskets can be sprayed or painted and lined with coir or moss and hung on fences.
•    Concentrating your color nearer to the house, will impact your entrance.
•    Tomatoes and summer vegetables can go in now.
•    Divide perennials once they have sent up a couple of inches of new growth
•    Fertilize your roses-they should receive their first application at bud break and then once a month until September.
•    Begin feeding your lawns. Rake out dead grass, fertilize, top seed and top dress with ¼ inch nursery mix. This will save you water as the roots will use the water more efficiently.
•    Plant summer bulbs such as dahlias, gladiolas, lilies, astilbes  and daylilies
•    Cut ornamental grasses to within 4” of the ground and pull out all the dead thatch
•    Don’t cut back evergreen grasses such as Carex and Helictotrichon, just remove the dead thatch and debris.
•    March is the time to plant shrubs and trees, before it gets too hot and the ground dries out.
Wait to see if we get March rain!
•    Weed, weed weed while the soil is moist and the roots will come out easier
•    Prune summer flowering trees and shrubs (any shrubs or trees that bloom on new wood)
•    Apply Sluggo everywhere this month before the new snails appear (Sluggo is ok for animals)
•    Watch for aphids on tender new growth-use insecticidal soap right away-they do not need a mate to multiply !!
•    Prune Camellias as soon as they finish blooming and rake up all fallen flowers to help prevent bud blight next year.
•    Don’t forget your house plants. Take them outside, wash off the foliage, root prune them, plant in new soil and fertilize.
•    Mulch with fir bark or ¼ fir compost – not redwood or gorilla hair on clay soils. This will help with the weeds and will also preserve moisture. Keep  the mulch  6” away from the crowns and trunks so they will remain dry and fungus will be avoided.