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  1. “Wherever Life Plants You, Bloom With Grace”
  2. Remove potted plants from their old soil. Root prune and clean the drainage holes.
  3. Clean the inside and outside of the pots with a Clorox solution and rinse well.
  4. Wipe the pots with a thin coat of olive or cooking oil to return them to their ‘new’ days!
  5. Add drain rock to the bottom, then a layer of landscape fabric and then new nursery mix.
  6. Re-plant. Take 2-3 empty large water bottles and puncture holes in the sides. Sink water bottles up to their necks along the root ball on each side of the pot. Fill bottles as needed and watch the water go directly to the root ball and not evaporate! Screw the top on the bottles to keep out clogging debris.
  7. The new soil will provide essential nutrients to help plants from stressing. It’s easier to withstand the drought with nutritional soil, then trying to exist on a Jenny Craig diet!
  8. Mulch, mulch, mulch to increase moisture retention and help decrease weeds
  9. Snail bait…these little creatures will begin multiplying now
  10. Sluggo is safe for animals
  11. Think about digging out a garden and removing the dirt….add scree (blend of small rock fragments, sandy soil and nursery mix) and plant succulents. There are some really attractive succulents on the market now.
  12. Plant Citrus and fruit trees this month
  13. Harvest all ripe fruit and Citrus from your trees to encourage flower buds to emerge
  14. Fertilize house plants and wash off their leaves to remove dust and grit
  15. If the soil is wet now….WEED…to save your sanity later when the hard soil will not yield their roots!
  16. If your roses and fruit trees are still dormant, use dormant spray once more before they leaf out.
  17. Check your staked plants and trees for girdling. As the trees and shrubs grow, the diameter of the trunks could encroach on the stakes, thus damaging the cambium layer.
  18. Fertilize now but wait to fertilize the Camellias, Rhododendrons  and Azaleas until after they finish blooming.
  19. Try storing your hand tools in a bucket with sand and vegetable oil….no more rust!
  20. Sharpen all of your tools this month for the beginning of the season.